Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I have...

posts floating around in my head. The problem is, I can't seem to find the focus to put them down in writing.

*I've got issues with a "friend"...good blog fodder I'm sure.

*I was absolutely irritated with a letter to the my dander up enough to write a letter in rebuttal. It was published. Today. See it at The State. Mine's the 3rd one down.

*I've been really focusing on my relationship with God lately.

*Thanksgiving is coming soon - my husband has invited the single soldiers. So far, one has signed up, and she's bringing her boyfriend. I invited a friend from church who was married in August (2nd marriage) and her new husband decided he'd made a mistake. She's having a hard time.

*My 11th anniversary is coming up on Saturday. Wow. Who'd have thought I could manage to stay married for 11 years? Always seemed to be running away. But I've been sticking this one out (totally a God thing, I am sure!).

*My 43rd birthday is right around the corner too. I'd like a LOT of stuff. I want a new iPod to replace the one that died the White Screen of Death recently. I miss my iPod. The new ones now have big memory, video capability (recording as well as playing) and are still reasonably priced. I'd like a lighting set up for my studio...maybe a REAL background stand...a new backdrop or two...a new camera lens (or two, lol). A remote trigger for my camera. Hmmmm...other than the iPod, the theme seems to be related to photography.

*I really want to start my business, but I am scared. Recently purchased a book recommended by my good friend Suzanne, who is a photographer. She said it helped her business, Picture This by Suzanne. Don't know what I'm scared of...because I think I do good work.

*I've come to realize that some of the gifts I have are best used to serve God...and when I use them for Him, He opens the doors for me to do what I want. I've given my photography services to my church, First Baptist Church of Lexington. You never know, you might see something I've shot on the website. I did some external church shots for the cd label (when you first visit, you are given a gift and a cd which has Pastor Ralph telling you about FBC), I shot the entire VBS series this summer. I photographed the Celebration Choir and Orchestra (of which I am a part), and some of those photos appear in the new church directory. I most recently photographed the "Family Fuel" service (the childrens' service on Sundays is called Fuel. When they do a combined service for Sunday evenings, it's called Family Fuel). This included the baptism of 10 young ladies. It was a privilege to photograph them.

*One of the young ladies happens to be Hannah's best friend....Hannah. Oh yeah...her best friend is named Hannah. Go figure.

*Christmas is also coming soon. Last year we were literally homeless for Christmas, as we were in the process of PCS'ing here to Ft. Jackson. This year, we are spending Christmas our new house...the first we have ever purchased. I am looking forward to it. We are considering an open house for our new friends and Scott's unit.

Okay...for someone who can't find time to post, I've done it, and I'm done!


SB said...

get an iPhone. It has PHONE and iPOD, ya know...?

Don't get new photo equipment until after the 1st of the year, the by golly, start your business and claim that stuff on your taxes. Doesn't make it free but it does soften the blow...Plus EVERYTHING will be on sale in January...

Loved your letter to the Editor. To honor veterans, the kids and I have made Christmas card and Valentine's cards and are delivering them before we leave for Alaska.

What a difference a year makes, huh?

d.a.r. said...

Agreed about not getting equip. until Jan 1. Claim it as a deduction, baby! :)

I love what a kind serving heart you have. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season giving back to so many people!

Fern's mom said...

Great letter! I hope I'm not the "friend"?! hahahaha

Mrs. 2nd Lieutenant said...

hey there!

i need your address to send your pretty little ornament along! :)

~Lina Martin