Monday, January 11, 2010

Ruh-Roh, Raggy...

It started innocently enough. A few years back, I got one for free. I thought it was an interesting concept, and didn't mind, since it was FREE.

Then I got 4 more for free from a military spouse social group. Hey, I took them...they were FREE.

Then, I realized I needed more. I had a hard time bringing myself to pay for them, but I got a few more. I thought I was good.

Then, I got a coupon for a free one. And another. I discovered some that were stronger, and had to buy those. They came in great colors boring white here...the green ones, the red ones...the bright blue ones...goodness but there was a great choice!!!! My friend, a FRIEND, mind you, gave me a bunch for free. Her husband discovered HER addiction and told her to kick the habit, or he'd take care of it himself. GOODNESS. So she shared her stash with me. I discovered there were some that were COOL.

But I just recently realized, I have an addiction, too.

So, I'm hanging it out here for all the world to see:

I'm Linda, and I am addicted to:

Recyclable BAGS! Yup...there's a lot there. I'm not prejudiced either...I'll use a Piggly Wiggly (the bright blue ones with the pigs on 'em!) bag at Kroger...a Kohl's bag at Kmart...the commissary bags hold Publix groceries just fine, thank you!

I tell you, the ladies at Kroger looked at me like I had two heads when I handed this mishmash to them today. They WERE all in one bag, and I DID take the cold sacks out (and for the record, I put all the cold/frozen foods on the belt first so they could be bagged right away), and hand those to them separately. Still, they had that look on their face...the "Oh my goodness, she's a TREE-HUGGER...AND SHE USES COUPONS. AARGH!".

Oh well. Anyone else have a ton of these bags?

I have to confess...I often forget to put them right back into my car (working on remembering to do that), so they don't do me much good...but I'm TIRED of all the plastic bags!!!


Berry Patch said...

::lifting hand:: Me too! I bought 10 Wal-Mart bags for $0.50 each once. My only issue - they ARE in my truck but I typically FORGET to bring them in! ::sigh:: Kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it? I have a bunch for the grocery store & Wally World.

Barbara said...

We have a bunch too. I keep mine in the car but still forget to use them so I have this massive collection of plastic bags as well. I do recycle the plastic ones with other uses (little garbage cans, litter box waste, etc) so I don't feel that horrible when I forget to use the recycled bags.

Neysa said...

I have 4 Walmart bags, that I did pay for, but I also have 2 others that were bequeathed to me by my loving husband (because someone, ages ago, had gifted HIM with them, and he wasn't going to use them.) The 2 others are actually from Books-a-million, and have "Bread, Milk, Eggs, Books" written on them. I use those at the grocery store (when I remember.) I, too, am guilty of sometimes forgetting them. Although, I ususally do better about remembering at the grocery store than at Walmart.

Helen said...

ME TOO!! Yes I AM! Thanks! I really needed to smile today and you did it!!! Thank you lady!!

Lori F. said...

I have a collection, though not as large as yours. Most of mine are from the Big Bird (Giant Eagle) for all non-Burghers. I have acquired some really nice free ones too. I just got an Al Fresco chicken sausage one (along with a free apron) in the mail. The free ones that are sturdy make my day! Oh, I so need a life. LOL!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Too funny. I got rid of ours when we discover that here in Japan you have to PAY for plastic now I have quite a collection of bags in our vehicles. LOL

Christy said...

I have I think them or more of the Commissary ones, 2 of the cold ones from the commissary and various other cloth bags as well, but I admit I'm terrible at remembering to taking them with me and running them back out to the van doesn't happen...if we could just walk right out our front door I would, but running down 3 flights of floors and across the parking lot, doesn't happen! LOL I seem to remember about every 3 or 4 trips to the commissary, I do use the plastic sacks for dirty diapers, bathroom trash, and other things, and when too many build up, they go into recycling.