Friday, January 08, 2010

This is just sad...

Walmart & H&M Destroy unsold clothing


I mean, come ON. I am forever giving clothing away, even it if IS used. Because I know there is a need for it. I went through our closets this year and donated 7 jackets to the kids' school for a coat drive.

And these businesses not only toss clothing out, but make sure that no one, no "vagrant" can find them and put them to use?

I don't think the concern was for the needy. I think the concern was for the "dumpster divers" who are shrewd and KNOW what businesses are throwing out. These folks get usable merchandise out of dumpsters and resell them at flea markets. We all know it. When you see tables full of shampoo and other items, you know they didn't buy them at a wholesale store, that's for sure.

Just Wednesday, I put out several storage tubs at the curb. They were had a big crack on the bottom, the others had cracks along the side or the edge was broken off. I'm sure they COULD be reused, but since we generally use them for moving, a broken or cracked bin is useless for us. Those bins disappeared off the curb overnight. There are people who drive through neighborhoods the night before trash pickup. They always say "one man's trash is another's treasure". Quite frankly, I don't throw things away anymore. If they can't be sold at a yard sale, I give them away on Freecycle.

Anyway - just a rant for today. I hope that these two companies follow through and stop destroying this stuff. Seriously.

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saintseester said...

That is awful. They can easily make a donation to a reputable outlet like Goodwill if they don't want the dumpster divers to have the stuff.