Saturday, January 02, 2010

A year in review...

Here's a brief synopsis of what has gone on in the MacDonald Clan world in the last year:

January: January 1, 2009 found us driving from SC to PA to go pick up the kids after we found a home, put in an offer, and had it accepted. By the end of the week, we were back in SC, living in a hotel pending the closing on our house. We got Hannah registered in school, found a preschool for Scotty, Scott went to work, and we began our new life in SC. Hannah celebrated her 8th birthday in the hotel. At the end of January, we closed on our home and became first-time homeowners.

February: We settled into our new home and into the routine of our neighborhood. I found a church, First Baptist Church of Lexington and started attending regularly. Both children were enrolled in AWANA.

March: Scotty celebrated his 5th birthday. He got a new "big boy" bike and was quite excited. I joined the church orchestra and got back to one of my greatest passions, playing trumpet. Hannah had 12 inches of hair cut off and donated it to Locks of Love. I began exploring our area with my camera.

April: We learned how to "tie-dye" eggs, using silk ties. We celebrated our first Easter in our new home with an Easter-egg hunt. We purchased a formal dining room set, our first ever. Scott was close to finishing his classes for his doctoral program! I got to see Avalon in concert, FREE at my church. I was blessed that two wonderful friends. Lauri McLaughlin and Christy Ikeler from Augusta were able to come. I picked strawberries from a local farm, something I'd missed since we had moved from this area in 2005! We began painting, starting with the dining room, in a color called Borscht, but we call it burgundy.

May: Our church orchestra celebrated our first "ONO" or Orchestra Night Out. We painted the living room and breakfast area in a color called "Caribbean Sunset", but what I prefer to call Steeler Yellow. I attended a Mother's Day Brunch at Scotty's preschool at Lexington Baptist Church (not to be confused with our church, First Baptist Church of Lexington, lol). We put up a bird feeder in the back yard and began experiencing beautiful birds like Painted Buntings and Bluebirds. We also had hummingbirds at their feeder. We met up with Lauri McLaughlin and her boys Brody and Zachary (Brody and Hannah attended Mother's Day Out together in Augusta) and went to EdVenture. Ali Wessner came to visit, bringing Anson, Julia and Ella with her. Once again, a blessing to connect with wonderful old friends from Augusta. Scotty "graduated" from preschool and ended his year with a cute program. Both kids finished AWANA.

June: Hannah finished her 2nd grade year at Lake Murray Elementary School with great grades and "perfect attendance" (for the time attended, anyway!). With her report card came notice that she was accepted into EAGLES, the LMES gifted program! Summer officially began after that, with regular trips up to the pool. The Shulers came from Kansas and we got to visit with them for a day. It's nice to have friends visit! The kids attended VBS at Mt. Horem, participating in "Crocodile Dock". We drove up for a quick day trip to Greenvile. It was already hot here in SC! Picked blackberries from the side of the road...YUM!!

July: More pool time. Went to a blueberry farm and picked TONS of blueberries with the kids. Attended the Torchlight Tattoo at Ft. Jackson with the George family. Great blessing of friends from FBC!!! Headed to Marco Island for summer vacation. Rented the same house we did back in 2003. The kids loved the beach and private pool. Went to visit an aunt and uncle that I'd not seen since I was 13. Surprised the kids with a day at Disney World before heading home. Painted the kitchen a lovely sage green.

August: The kids participated in VBS, "God's Flight School" at our church. I was the official "paparazzi" and took way too many pictures. Our Creative Arts and Worship LifeGroup (Sunday school) went bowling as a group. On the 18th we had "Last Day of Pool" and on the 19th we had "First Day of School" (the pool really didn't shut down). I officially had TWO kids in school. Scotty started full-day kindergarten, and Hannah began 3rd grade. I was assigned as Homeroom Mom for Hannah's class. On the 21st, I got to see my best bud from Kansas, Jodi. She'd moved to Georgia in June, and we discovered that our very favorite Christian artist, Jason Gray, was going to be in concert in Evans, GA (MY OLD HOMETOWN!). Jodi drove from Locust Grove, I drove from Columbia and we were blessed to see Jason perform as well as see each other again. Of course, we were going to see each other in a week, as I was matron of honor at her wedding on the 29th (as well as photographer!).

September: Scott celebrated his 43rd birthday. He was busy prepping for his Qualifying Exams. We all got back into the routine of school, work, church, etc.

October: I took the kids to the SC State Fair. They had a blast, as did I. I got to try all sorts of "bad for you" foods, like "cherry bombs" (batter dipped and fried chocolate covered cherries), and chocolate covered bacon (fried, then dipped in chocolate!). Scott played in a concert with Lake Murray Symphony Orchestra. We participated in FBC's Fall Festival, and the kids experienced a TRUE "trick or treat" neighborhood. (we STILL have halloween candy!)

November: I got to photograph 10 young ladies as they got baptized. We invited single soldiers to Thanksgiving dinner. We had a single soldier and her cute son, a married couple who were about to have a baby (she was induced 3 days later!) and a friend (and her son) from church who lives in our neighborhood. It was lovely to have people giving thanks and sharing a meal with us.

December: CRAZY month. Seriously. I celebrated my 43rd birthday. Scott had 2 Holiday concerts on tap with the 282nd Army Band. We had our Christmas production at FBC, "The Name...Jesus". This was an all-out production with the choir, orchestra, children and youth choirs, and the Mike Speck Trio. The next week, Scotty was diagnosed with pneumonia. He spent the entire week home. He was well enough by the following Sunday to perform in the children's musical at church, "The Best Christmas Present Ever". Hannah was also part of this production, performing a duet, solo and a small narraration part. The next week was the last week of school and that meant planning the 3rd grade class party, along with regular volunteering in Scotty's class. Also had to finish all the Christmas shopping, wrapping, and shipping that I couldn't do the week before due to Scotty's illness. Scott had a Christmas Eve gig to play, and I was not only playing with the orchestra for FBC's Christmas Eve service, but also doing a skit/monologue.

Christmas Eve services done, Santa paid his visit, and Christmas Day came. The kids were happy and blessed with lots of great things. Happy Birthday Jesus! We made cupcakes in honor of Jesus' birthday and had a quiet family dinner...our first Christmas in our new home. Two days later, we drove to Atlanta for a few days. We went to the aquarium, World of Coke, and visited all the places we'd lived and been a part of for over 4 years. We came back home on the 29th. We took the outside decorations down on the 30th (good thing, too, because it rained and got really cold afterwards!). On the 31st, we had a quiet "celebration", early champagne toast and barely made it to midnight. Actually, we both fell asleep, but I woke up 3 minutes before and we watched the ball drop.

Happy New Year, everyone! Instead of making resolutions that I can't keep, I am going to try to just be true to who I am, and who God made me to be, and what He wants me to become.


Gwen said...

Do you ever look back on years like that and wonder how you survived? LOL I've kind of been doing that about our 2009. Ca-ra-zeee year! But a blessed year as it sounds like yours was. :)

Happy New Year, Linda. May 2010 bring you much more love and happiness!

saintseester said...

Sounds like a crazy busy wonderful year. My memory is shot, because I could never remember as well as you the order that things seem to happen in.