Friday, February 05, 2010

Random Dozen

1. Do you use the labels various charities send you as “free gifts?”
Yes. What else would I do with them, throw them away? They have my name and address on them, may as well use them. My mom used to give them to my kids as "stickers", too.

2. What is your favorite time of day (or night) for skywatching?
I love sunrise and sunsets. I don't often see sunrise, unless it's winter...but we've had some spectacular ones here when I drive the kids to work...just WOW!

3. What is the most adventurous you've ever been with trying a new food? (Keep it G-rated please)
I am willing to try most things, so long as the food doesn't contain things I don't like or am allergic to. Having lived in a foreign country, I enjoyed trying the ethnic food of the area...and I'm always willing to at least sample something new!

4. Have you ever heard a rock sing? (Trust me, there's a reason for this one!)

5. If you could learn a language you don't presently speak, what would it be?
Spanish, because it's the "other white meat" in this country, if you get what I mean. Otherwise, I'd love to learn Italian.

6. Al Capone's tombstone read, “My Jesus, Mercy.” If you could write your own epitaph, what would it say?
The trumpet shall sound...but here on eart
h, there is blessed silence.

7. If you were a famous musician who was known by one name, like “Cher,” “Sting,” or “Jewel,” what would it be? It doesn’t have to be your first name, but it can be, if you’d like. Noise

8. Have you ever been inordinately “into” a television show?
More than I want to admit.

9. When you sneeze, do you go big, or do you do that weird “heenh!” sound that makes people think you’re going to blow your brains out?
Go big, or go home. Seriously....big old "ACHOOOO"! I will silence them if I am at church, though.

10. Do you still read an actual newspaper that you hold in your hands, or do you get your news elsewhere?
Every day, from start to finish. I read from the front to the back. Even if stories are "continued on page A6", I will read the rest of the paper, in order, and read the continuations as I come to them.

11. Are you a good speller?
I am a STICKLER for spelling. It really bothers me to see misspellings in blogs and emails (there is a spell-check feature, please use it!). I've been known to send letters to the editor of newspapers (see above) and books to let them know I have found spelling/grammar/punctuation errors. Yes, I'm the one people can't stand!

12. At what time each day do you start thinking about Lost lunch?

I don't think about Lost (never watched it at all, if you can believe that!), but lunch...well, usually when my stomach starts telling me to eat, I think about it. Which reminds's 1:18 p.m. and I need to go eat lunch!


saintseester said...

Sunrises are better than sunsets, but I am never up to see them!

Berry Patch said...

Nice to read your randomness. ;-)

Cary said...

I heart Lost so much! It's not even funny how much. Sad, really. But I do.

オテモヤン said...
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Christy said...

Hey I left an award for you to pick up on my blog! Head on over (well give me a few more minutes as I finish the blog up!).