Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window - rainy, cold, dreary...but soon the rains will be bringing us green grass and plants (I do so love the south!!!)

I am thinking - I need to figure out what will challenge Scotty the best, yet keep him on task at school.

I am thankful for - a wonderful caring church. When we lose someone in our church family, it is amazing to see how many people reach out to the family!

From the kitchen - small roast on the stovetop. Usually I crockpot this roast, but bought it fresh today. Will make mashed potatoes and a salad/veggies to go with it.

On my mind - prayer requests from friends that I didn't expect. I'm in deep prayer for one in particular who is having a rough custody fight. Several others just went through divorces and I have them on my heart as well. And another who is suffering silently and recently reached out, though I know it had to be hard for her.

I am creating - hats. Finished a small baby boy hat and a larger pink girl hat.

I am going - to start piano lessons soon...hopefully this week if my teacher gets back to me. I think he's a bit frightened at teaching an adult beginner...though I am a bit of a challenge, since I already read treble clef and have a good knowledge of music.

I am reading - the same books as last week.

I am hoping - that my photography business picks up. I have had several inquiries into Senior pictures and have been planning them in my head.

I am hearing - Hannah practicing the piano. She has taken 2 lessons so far. Her teacher has great confidence in her and she is working hard. I don't have to remind her to practice!

Around the house - one last load of laundry to fold. Groceries just put away. Still a ton of paper in the office that needs to be filed.

I am Pondering - why things happen the way they do? I know that God makes these plans for us, and His ways are not our ways, but sometimes it's hard to grasp.

I am wearing - brown jeans and a green (chartreuse) turtleneck sweater. It's chilly here today.

One of my favorite things - when German Deli stocks up on the things I miss the most...like Eiskonfekt, Brotchen, and good German coffee.


Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary :)

Kathryn said...

Hi! Thanks so much for commenting!! I am glad you found my blog. I did not know about the yahoo groups. That is a great idea too! And I will have to add that website to my links, thanks! Your neighbor suggestion is great too, sometimes it's hard to be the first say hi, but that is how you make friends! And I definitely agree church is a big one! Thanks for the suggestions and tips! Have a great night!

Cary said...

Did not know you were a photographer, Linda. Probably would've, had I paid closer attention.