Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another texture application

Once again, I got a great texture from Nine Acres Designs, and took one of my photos and applied the texture.

This texture was called burnt burlap. I thought it would go really well with the old stone barn I had shot at Rocky Ford in Manhattan, KS back in 2008. Here is the before shot:

Here is the after shot:


Suzanne said...

I really love your pictures. You do such a great job! I like all the before shots, too. Way to go! And thanks for sharing them.

saintseester said...

Great minds think alike. I was playing with texture today, too!

On your shots, I don't know if it is my eyes, or if the image is just too small for me, but I can't see much of the texture in the image. Is it very subtle?

These Nine Acres said...

Very nice! I am glad you could use it. I like the earthy way it feels in the this spectacular image ;0) Thanks for sharing.