Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Most times, for people pride is an issue...because it's usually self-pride. But today, I am very, utterly, and extremely proud of the accomplishment of my husband last night.

He had it set in his mind last year that he wanted to put on a BIG concert. You see, as a bandmaster in the Army Band field, that's what he expected to do. But from post to post, the focus for the band is always a bit different. And each community dynamic changes the view of the band. When we were at Ft. Gordon, the local community truly embraced the band. In Germany, American military bands were welcomed with open arms (and lots of beer, lol). When we came to Kansas, they'd NOT had a band there for over 10 years. It was the reinvention of the wheel, in a sense. But the band had GREAT support from within. The command staff let Scott do his job, and trusted that he knew what he was doing. One division commander, a General, loved the band so much he had one of the BRO band songs as his ring tone on his military blackberry!

When we got here, Scott saw that the dynamics were different. The band here is seen as strictly ceremonial. They do the BCT graduations (Basic Combat Training), retirements, change-of-command ceremonies. There didn't seem to be a whole lot else.

But Scott's focus is a CONCERT band. He wanted, originally, to put on a wonderful Veteran's Day concert. Things didn't come together for it, so he scrapped that plan, and instead, decided to work on an Army Birthday Concert.

Last night, all the hard work came to fruition. His musician-soldiers came through with flying colors. He tested them, stretched them beyond their capabilities, and showed to them that they did, indeed, have what it takes to play "that kind of music" in a large venue.

An amazing concert with a 150 voice choir from the First Baptist Church of Columbia was the highlight. There were multimedia presentations: The history of the Army showed slides of the Army's warfare from its' inception (early images were drawings and paintings), set to the song Second Dawning by James Hosay. There was an amazing rendition of O Fortuna, from Carmina Burana, which was sung by the amazing choir, and was accompanied by the video "Your Army In Action". A great euphonium solo called Pantomime was played. A vocal solo to Hero For Today, band and choir together for The Battle Hymn of The Republic. The band also performed a heart-rending version of Hymn to the Fallen from the movie "Saving Private Ryan", as a tribute to all those soldiers who lost their lives through the years.

In the end, one of the greatest accomplishments I've seen Scott put together. And HE was proud too...and rightly so!

But what made me more excited? This morning, as I perused the paper, I saw this on the Metro page of our local paper:

There is nothing more to be said. I am proud, proud, proud!!!


Melissa Sue said...

Sounds fantastic! I wish we could have been there! Well done to your husband and the 282nd Band!!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

You have every right to be proud! What a wonderful night for Scott and his band.