Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thoughts from a BTEC*

*BTEC: Box Tops for Education Coordinator sucked into this one this year. Actually, I don't mind doing it. I've been saving BoxTops for Education (herein after referred to as BTE) labels for years. Used to send them to the Dime-a-diecut website when diecuts in scrapbooking were so popular.

I started saving them in earnest for Hannah's school in KS...and now here. So this year, I managed to finagle a slot in the BTE coordinator/organizer area of the PTA. Basically, all I do is clip and count.

Now, let me tell you, I'm very A-R (anal-retentive) about my boxtops. When I take them off a box, I usually trim them right down to the size, and put them in an envelope. I try to regularly drop off this envelope in the school collection box. They usually only send them out a few times a year, and for some reason, I missed the deadline last year, so I had over 150 BTE's sitting in my junk drawer (in their little envelope all neat and tidy). I like to make it easy for others.

SO...since I like to make it easy for others, here are some helpful hints regarding BTE's:

* Just because they are called BOX TOPS for education, doesn't mean you need to include an entire boxtop! just tear the boxtop off. If you've notice, many of the BTE's now show up on the sides or fronts of boxes! You can find them on plastic (like toilet tissue, bathroom wipes, diapers, Pillsbury dinner rolls, etc - none of these are boxes).

* If the BTE is on plastic, please take a moment to use scissors and cut them off, don't tear them. The plastic tends to stretch and they DO need to appear to be a BTE, not a tye-died piece of stretchy plastic wrap!

*BTE's have expiration dates!!! So, if you're collecting BTE's for your niece/nephew/grandchild/friends' kids, etc and haven't given them up in awhile, check to be sure they're not expired. If I understand correctly, we get 10 cents for every BTE turned in...10 BTE's equals $1. I just tossed out 60 expired BTE's...that's $6 lost for our school.

*BTE's have expiration dates!!! (yes, I'm repeating this, but for a different reason). When you're clipping or tearing off your BTE, be sure to leave the expiration date intact. If I can't show the date on the label, we can't get money for the BTE.

* We have to clip all of these down - so for all the BTE's you send in, I will be trimming them down. The less material on the BTE, the less weight we have when we send them in. The little pieces of cardboard and plastic do add up!

* When you're dropping off BTE's in the school collection box, please, PLEASE put them in a zipper bag. Don't just toss them into the box. I have to dig into the box and shake and do a little dance to be sure all the labels are out.

So, there you have it. BTE's are a GREAT way for schools to earn a little extra cash. Since our school is brand new, we're starting everything from scratch, so every little bit helps.

And hey, if you're NOT collecting BTE's, why not start now? You can send them to ME!!!


saintseester said...

My comment got eated. But thanks for the PSA. It's amazing how many parents don't realize that somebody has to trim those things down.

rennratt said...

We have to attach the Box Tops to forms prior to sending them in. We received our first from the school this past week.

I followed all of your directions prior to attaching them to the form. I had NO IDEA that Box Tops had expiration dates! Thankfully, all of our BTs were still valid.