Sunday, November 07, 2010

please...if you're a parent of a young child....

go take the time to read this post. It's a bit disconcerting, in some parts, so take care with little eyes in the room.

Slacker Mom Says


Lori F. said...

Hallelujah! I'm so the uncool mom as well. My kids still do their homework, right after they get home, not when they "feel like it." No cell phones, no tv in their room and only the "clean" version of music on the IPod. We eat supper together every night, unless hubby works late.
I have one chance to get this right as a MOM, not as a friend. I'm raising a future generation and they will reap what I sow.

rennratt said...


Thanks to the recent election, I had to explain the meaning of the word "w--re". She heard it ON THE NEWS!

Our rule is "You don't HAVE to like what I tell you. You do, however, have to obey."

She is even welcome to tell me how she feels. Respectfully. She also has to be willing to accept any and all consequences for her actions. My home is not a democracy. While she is entitled to her opinion, her "rights" are limited to a safe environment, food and shelter. Oh, and all the love a preteen girl could want from two parents who adore her. Even when she makes us crazy. :)