Sunday, November 14, 2010

Simply Bags...

I recently received a new Monogrammed Laptop Bag from Simply Bags. The one I got was the Stylish Laptop Bag, and I really like it!!!

The bag is roomy...enough room to hold my laptop. It's made of a nice, sturdy brown nylon fabric. It's really stylish, too. It has a teal patent leather reinforced bottom and rolled patent leather handles. The handles are large enough that you can put the bag on your shoulder.

The inside has a small zippered pocket (it wasn't big enough to hold my charger, but the bag itself has enough room for it). It also has some pockets for business/credit cards. There are some pen-sized pockets as well. This bag would definitely be great for the professional woman on the go! I love that it can be monogrammed as well!

My only concern was that there isn't enough padding overall. Not an issue for me, as I have a padded sleeve that I usually use for my laptop.

One of the greatest things about this bag is that it does NOT look like a laptop bag! I think that it could be used as a purse as well (there are women who carry bags that are MUCH bigger than this!). It's quite roomy. I'm looking forward to being able to carry my laptop out in this bag. I don't think my husband will use it, though...maybe I'll have to consider getting him the Man's Computer Briefcase!!!

Take a look at Simply Bags and see what else they offer...they've got a lot of cute stuff over there, and the prices are reasonable, too!


saintseester said...

The black damask tote is pretty!

Christy said...

I love yours, so cute and it looks like you! :) I'm still looking through to see what I just have to have! LOL I'm seeing many that I like!