Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Found this on Yahoo news today. How many of these do YOU recognize?

Top 100 TV Catch Phrases

I like that it encompasses old (Stifle - Archie Bunker) and new (Suit Up! - Barney Stinton on How I Met Your Mother).



V said...

How sad, I know just about every single one of those..... LOL

Berry Patch said...

I kept chuckling while I read that. I knew about 90% of them - mostly the older ones. LOL Cool survey. ~Lisa

Christy said...

My favorite is Denny Crane! LOL I love that show!

Claire said...

I only knew 19 of them! I do think that the list was very much orientated to the States though which probably explains why!

chrysalis said...

They all remind me of how I'd rather be at home watching TV on this freezing rainy morning.

Hi from Michele's.