Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Brain Age

There's been a lot of talk lately about your "brain age". Nintendo has a game that claims you can better your brain age with it. The Today show had something about it as well, but they claimed that the test that Meredith Viera took cost about $400.

Well, I was interested in my brain age as well. I found a test that was similar to the one Meredith took, but mine was free.

After taking the test, my "brain age" was 41. But I would like to take it again in a quiet environment, without kids in the background. It is a form of hearing test based on rising and falling pitches and how quickly you can hear them and associate them. I think I may have a younger brain without the interference of the kids in the background (even though the volume was up, sometimes they can overpower THAT!)

Anyway - take the Brain Age Test. I'd be interested to know what your score is, too. Remember to give yourself a quiet space to do this - you'll thank me for that one!!!

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