Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The extreme love of all things photo.

Thus begins my addiction to my Canon.

I've been playing. Of course, playing requires editing at some point and that takes time. What's been taking the longest is off-loading the photos from my card to my computer. ****NEED MORE RAM****

But I've played a bit. And thought I'd share some of my first photos.

I love the ability to focus precisely where I want. Whether the camera is set in automatic or manual. I can control the aspects I choose. For this photo of Scott (taken mostly for the goatee, which I don't like, by the way!), I shot manual focus in portrait mode. What I like is that as I enlarge the photo, the details of his eyes come through. He really does have pretty eyes, much nicer now that they're not buried behind glasses!

This was the sunrise on Sunday morning (the 29th). I went out to get the paper and had to shoot this as well. Nothing spectacular about it camera-wise, but it's a stunning sunrise, and because it's in the "twilight", you don't see the businesses behind the trees!

This next series was taken at night, playing with "focal point". It's the same shot, but I focused on three different parts of my tree. I like to take interesting angles, so for this, I lay under my tree and shot upwards. The focal points are: bottom of tree (focus on blue ball/light), middle of tree (focus on green light) and top of tree (focus on angel's lights). What I love about the Canon is that it has focal point lights that will light up in the viewfinder, helping you to center your focus better.
The next set of photos was taken at the same time as the sunrise photo. Again, playing with focal points. I LOVE how I could get so close to the lights that you can see the frost CLEARLY on them!
And these last two, again taken on Sunday morning of the sun through the garland and lights on my rail. I did two shots, changing the focus on each.focus is on the trees - the green you see below the sun is the Christmas light - it almost looks like lens flare....The focus was on the garland. I love how the background is so blurry....that's that kind of photo I was aiming for!!!


SB said...

scott should totally shave his head and keep the goatee.



photophilia....I love it!!

Heidi said...

Continue to have fun with your camera!!! (I am sooo jealous, BTW!!!)

Bob-kat said...

Sounds like you have caught the photo bug big time! Welcome to the club!

The features on the Canon are great aren't they? :)

I love the pic of the sunrise - it has great atmosphere.

Christy said...

great shots, I like the sunrise best. Scott's obviously on leave since he has the goatee going on, Chad does that too everytime he gets more than 3 days off. he just recently started to grow a mustache, but before it could actually come in he shaved it.

oh I got your card yesterday! I love it!! Thank you for all the pictures! When I finally have sorted through all of mine, I'll send you some more! :)

Rachel said...

I'm dreaming, dying, crying, obsessing over a certain pretty canon and I am so jealous of your gorgeous pictures.
I am actually over here pouting.

laura vegas said...

sounds like you're really learning your camera and having fun with it! i'm so lazy ... i don't take the time to play with my camera like i should. lol!

so funny you don't like your husbands goatee. my husband had to get rid of his year ago for work ... and i didn't like him without it. lol! thank god he's gotten away with having it again!