Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Today's my blogaversary! And I would not have known except for Teena In Toronto wished me a happy one...my oh my...I'm behind!

Okay - things have been really busy here in the MacDonald Clan household.

As most of you know, we were living in a hotel, awaiting closing on our new home. Well, last Tuesday, we finally closed. Last Wednesday, we got our all earthly possessions delivered (in decent shape, which is a big surprise - but the movers weren't so kind to our walls, sob, sob!). We began the arduous task of unpacking everything.

It's been discovery after discovery. Almost every box in my daughter's room which was marked toys had more clothing than toys. And every box marked clothes had 2 or 3 pieces, and the rest were toys. GRRRRRR....I would like, just once, to open a box and have it filled with everything that belongs in one place. It's been almost a week now, and we are slowly making progress. Today, I had a WONDERFUL lady come and take almost all the boxes I had, and all the paper.
*** side note about packing paper: it has been a lesson hard learned after 5 moves in 10 years...ALWAYS flatten out every single sheet of paper used by the packers and movers...because you will inevitably find the missing screws, brackets, lamp harps, papers, etc wrapped in a very light bundle that looked like it was just crumpled and shoved in a corner for filling.
**** we now return you to our original programming.

The bookcases are filled...the living room furniture is placed. The garage door man will come tomorrow a.m. and install the opener for us. We got measured today for blinds (the price is way too high for our tastes, but wonder of wonders, we have "standard" windows and can actually buy the blinds at a local store and install them ourselves!). The washer and dryer were serviced yesterday and proclaimed healthy (though the venting was NOT...but it was an easy fix), so the laundry's just about done for the week. I don't like taking 3 days to do it, but with the dryer not venting properly, it just wasn't drying quickly.

Hannah's enjoying her school. One of her classmates lives right across the street from us. And yet another blessing? She's got a little brother who is just Scotty's age! For the first time in a LONG time, my kids both have playmates their own ages and genders! Not that I didn't love all the boys in my last neighborhood (Hi to the Byers and the Schulers!), but once in awhile...it's nice. We met some neighbors up the street as well. Melissa, the mom, was walking her daughter, Collette, to the bus in the morning. (and let me tell you, it's EARLY morning...awful for little kids - the bus picks up at 6:34 a.m. ... and drops the kids off shortly after...so they sit in the schoolhouse for an HOUR before school starts. Where is the logic in that? We may go back to car riding, because that gives us almost an hour more.) Melissa also has a son who just turned 3. He's enjoying having a little boy to pal around with. And Scotty's in preschool again. It's harder for him, since he went from afternoon 5 days a week to mornings 4 days a week. But the price is much more appealing to us, and he does go for a bit longer on those 4 days, along with one LONG day for Lunch Bunch.

My biggest challenge right now is going to be the bonus room. That's been the catch-all room thus far. As we organize and get things where they need to be, it should change, and then the bonus room will be a combination family room/studio/craft area. We'll be putting a futon in for company (who's coming to visit soon???), and we'll have another one in our office for when we have more than a few visitors. We still have the queen raised airbed as well, so come visit!

As we get established here, it's the little things that will take over. I have yet to even go find a church. With living in a hotel, and all the stress, I really SHOULD have found some time for God, but I let the everyday things take over. And I was definitely planning on heading over to one of the churches this past Sunday, but my wonderful son decided he needed to share his cold with me...I was in the throes of the worst sinus/head cold...still am, actually. Tonight may be the first night I haven't sneezed myself into oblivion.

I'm hoping to get pictures soon...my linen closet makes me happy, it's very "martha stewart" all organized and piled nicely...the kids' rooms are about as good as they're going to get, except for wall decor and blinds....and we have to put all the pictures up in the house as well. Needing to get some miscellaneous pieces of furniture (2 tv stands, some tall bar chairs, a new dining set and hutch)...and we'll go from there.

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading. Leave a comment, and I'll pick a name and send you a Southern prize...might not be big, but it will definitely have the state logo of the Palmetto tree and moon on it!


Barbara said...

I feel your pain about moving. We just moved in our house almost two weeks ago. I discovered the tip about the paper the hard way. I almost threw out all of Jason's military coins. Lucky I heard some clanging before it reached the garbage. Now I don't feel so bad about not finding a church yet. I was gonna go last week but wasn't about to miss the Super Bowl (it came on at 2pm here). Sixburgh baby!!

Lori said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are all getting settled in to your new home! It sounds like you chose a perfect neighborhood, lots of kids on a cul-de-sac=lots of fun all summer. I hope you got that cable installed before the game on Sunday! The 'Burgh is going crazy!
By the way, no need to enter me in the drawing, I'm just so happy to have an update.

Kim said...

Hey Linda,
Oh, you're so lucky to have kids the same age and gender of your kids that go to the same school. How wonderful! Ed and I are talking about a zoo trip, not this coming Saturday, but next Saturday. Maybe we'll see ya then? TTYL.

Fern's mom said...

HEY! I reminded you about your blogversary what? 10 days ago? Don't I get a prize for THAT? (tee hee) can't wait for pics!

Berry Patch said...

Yeah - I'm so happy you are getting settled! I always find the unpacking the worst of the whole thing.

Army Wife said...

Happy Blogversary!!

Debbie said...

I'm sure it feels so nice to finally be in your home...albeit still a bit unsettled.

Happy Blogaversary!

Ali said...

Hooray! Finally home! I can't wait for pictures, but I guess I don't have to settle for pictures do I? We'll have to set up a road trip when the weather gets warmer! Congrats on your home and your blog!

Bob-kat said...

What a big disruption but it sounds like you have done so well settling in and unpacking. It'll soon seem like home I'm sure! and that is great news about the blinds - I know how expensive things like that are as I have non-standard windows!

April said...

Thanks for sharing your blog. I enjoyed reading it! I don't have a blog, but do have an FB page so I will have to look you up. I saw you were looking for a church...we go to First Baptist of Lexington on Barr Road. They have an amazing preschool and children's program. Super nice, laid back and christ led people...Let me know if you want to visit and we will look for you.

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Ah HA - now I know where all the little gadgets and hardware have been going...... I'll remember your moving tip. LOL

Christy said...

I am so happy you guys are getting settled in and am praying for you on finding the church God has already prepared to be your new church home/family. Just think he's preparing hearts to welcome you right now!!!!

I can not wait to see pictures!!!

Miss you

rennratt said...

Welcome back to the south!

ForestGreen said...

Oh Linda, I have really enjoyed reading all about your new home. It is so nice to see how you are surviving in the South!!

:) Looking forward to the pictures!!